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    Melby's Fur Conditioner is a must- have product if you do any kind of fur handling or processing.  Just a small spray of this conditioner will:

    help remove blood spots in the fur, 

    soften cockle burrs for easier removal while combing  

    brings a softness and shine to the pelt. 

    It is great to use on any and all animals to remove the blood spots and release cockle burrs from the pelt while combing.

    Once the pelt is dry this conditioner can be used again to fluff up your pelts  leaving the fur soft, shiny and with a mild scent of cherry.  If your pelts have burrs this works like magic to soften the fur without pulling out any hair still leaving it looking luxuriously shiny. 

    Many trappers and fur processors have tried this conditioner and now refuse to be without a bottle in their fur shed.  Yes, it works that great! 

    Make your pelts stand out among the others when selling your fur.

    This conditioner will pay for itself in the increase profits your pelts will bring at the fur buyer. And you will no longer be in the fur shed without a bottle. 


    Instructions for use

    Apply directly to the fur or mix with sawdust in a fur tumbler.  Will help remove grease and blood from the pelt and give it a luxurious shine and a pleasant mild cherry odor.  Spray lightly to fur before combing to aid in the removal of burrs. Shake well before use!



    Made in the U.S.A.  



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